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My population health journey began during my Pediatrics internship at the University of Chicago when my Department Chair refused to let me have a one month rotation in a university operated community health center as a PGY2 , stating it was   “not a legitimate academic experience”. This triggered my move in 1970 to the South Bronx to create the Montefiore Social Medicine Residency and become  the initial resident.

In that program we never discussed epidemiology or numerators/denominators per se but clearly came to understand from experience that the health of the community was as influenced by those who didn’t come to the center as those that did, practiced with first family health workers, and experienced what we would call today Health in All Policies….. job training, legal advocacy, school health. I may not have used the population  health term until first reading the Evans Stoddart paper in the early 1990s (Evans RG, Stoddart GL. Producing Health, Consuming Health Care. Soc. Sci Med 31(12),1347-1363, 1990)…but I have always thought all my later population health  health scholarship and advocacy was a return to the Bronx in a clearer and more mature way .

My 14 years in public and private management as well as lessons from being a Medicare ProPac Comissioner made me intensively aware of the role of finances and financial incentives and how dominant they were in health . I was also strongly influenced when the OEO health center grants funded less social determinant services they went away…as opposed to formulas such as for crop subsidies and mortgage interest deductions or Medicare GME resident training to hospitals that “just keep giving” every day.

Also the dominance of managed care and capitation thinking in medical care had a strong influence…the bundling of payments rather than simple fee for service such as like combining hospital and outpatient services into a DRG bundle or even Social HMOs bundling with home/Long term care.

So the leap in my first explicit pop health 1992 essay for Donna Shalala when she was UW Madison Chancellor in her quarterly Unconventional Wisdom faculty column was based on this…“imagine if a significant part of a health care organizations income was tied to the improvement of their patient’s health and functional status….such incentives would unleash the same capitalistic creativity toward HEALTH that currently exists for HEALTH SERVICES. Thus the subtitle of the 1997 sabbatical book to come Purchasing Population Health:Paying for Results.

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